Zafiro: Beautiful, Bold, Empowering Jewelry


Zafiro is the way you want to feel when you step out into the world and you notice eyes turning towards your shine. The subtle and yet bold designs of Rocio Akrish make heads turn and eyes linger. You will light up a room, your inner wealth will shine. You will notice a heart healing from the Rose-quartz pieces, a cleansing from the Selenite, a subtle healthiness form the Aquamarine and calming from the Turquoise. What you need has arrived and it is world-wide and we want to bring it to your doorstep, the doorstep of your best friend, your mother, your sister, your cousin, tell every woman it is theirs to own a piece of Zafiro.

It is a revolution to be part of a handmade jewelry company as it begins to empower women around the world to feel strong and beautiful. You too are a female entrepreneur when you support women making their way creatively through their lives. We are in this together. Wear and share, tag and post, become a Zafiro Woman. Become your most authentic self. Be bold and move the way you have always dreamed of- from your places of elegance and power. 

How do we describe it? How would you describe it? Beautiful. Unique. Jewelry and Accessories: Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Stones, Crystals. Everything Handmade. Designer. Rare. Precious. Little Love Gifts from Mexico and also Seattle. Worldwide Buying and Purchasing of Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Rose-quartz and Selenite, Aquamarine and Tourqouise. Women's Best Designs by Zafiro, which means Sapphire. Elegant. Creative. Empowering Women. Hope. Healing. Help. Heart. Home.

Tell someone you love. Wear proudly. Be desired. Be Bold. We are Yours.